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"To Insure Safety, Respect, Quality of Life 
And  Justice  for  Seniors  in  Los Angeles"

This public-service web site was created to support the goals of the L.A. Metro Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) for Consultation on Elders at Risk. From 1998 to 2000, the multidisciplinary team served the Greater Hollywood area. In November of 2000, the MDT expanded to include the downtown Los Angeles area with the support of the Los Angeles Police Department and Adult Protective Services. 

Bullet Our goals are those of Community Policing:

bulletTo reduce crime against seniors,
bulletTo reduce the fear of crime,
bulletTo improve the quality of life for seniors and their families
bulletThrough the creation of problem-solving partnerships.

Our partnership is supported, on a volunteer basis, by the goodwill of participating agencies. We neither solicit nor accept funding and it is our policy to respect your privacy. More than 70 agencies participate in our projects. Up arrow to top of page

Bullet Problems identified include:

bullet The community is not aware of services available to assist seniors: 

bulletMany seniors do not take advantage of resources which could enhance their quality of life.
bulletMany seniors remain isolated and vulnerable.
bulletNeighbors and leaders of homeowner associations are reluctant to get involved and do not know where to start.
bulletCaregivers often have to start from scratch, during a time of crisis, in their search for resources or their attempts to solve problems. They may never discover the best resources available to assist them.
bulletCaregivers under stress and without relief may break down and engage in abusive behavior.

This Web site attempts to bring information and resources to the community in response to this problem. Up arrow to top of page

Lack of communication between agencies

In 1997, when the Hollywood MDT was created, there was very little communication between the major agencies, public and private, responsible for the welfare and safety of seniors in our community. This issue is no longer a problem in the Greater Hollywood and L.A. Metro Area. We now strive to establish similar partnerships citywide. Some private agencies remain isolated and our outreach is a continuing process.

This Web site features organizations who are willing to work cooperatively with other agencies to solve problems or create resources for the benefit of seniors in our community. Up arrow to top of page

Lack of community awareness of Elder Abuse and Neglect combined with a low expectation that something will be done about this crime

Criminal Elder Abuse and Neglect goes largely unreported. Experts estimate that at least 4% of all elders age 65 and over in this country are abused. Less than one in 5 cases is brought to the attention of authorities.

Many community concerns compete for scarce resources. Abused seniors are silent victims. "Survivors" are not around to tell their story. Elder Abuse/Neglect crimes are complex and time consuming to investigate. 

In the absence of a strong voiced concern from the community, these crimes tend to be considered "low priority" as opposed to violent and visible street crimes or Burglary/Theft from Motor Vehicles.

There is now an increased awareness about this crime and Elder Abuse is being prosecuted. The Los Angeles District Attorney and the Los Angeles City Attorney have created specialized Elder Abuse Units.

This crime still goes mostly unreported and less than 10% of confirmed cases of elder abuse reported to law enforcement get prosecuted.

This Web site, through its Get Involved and Solve a Problem pages strives to raise community awareness and involvement. Up arrow to top of page


The L.A. Metro MDT was chosen among thousands to be featured in the National Crime Prevention Council's (NCPC) new publication 50 Strategies to Prevent Violent Domestic Crimes. (2002)

Bullet About this Web Site

This Website was first published in April, 2001. It is our policy to respect your privacy and we have no commercial affiliation. Since the primary purpose of the site is community outreach, we chose a ".com" designation, which will be easier to remember than ".org".

Web Stats: Hits & Visitors

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LA4Seniors had 267,000 hits in January 2002
and 3,500,000 hits during that year.

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LA4Seniors had 16,500 visitors in January 2002
and averaged 700 visitors a day during that year.

Update: In December 2004, the site received an average of 905 visitors per day and 16,800 hits per day.

Anne Marie Lardeau, former Co-Chair of the Elders at Risk Task Force, serves as webmaster for the site.

We hope you find the site helpful. Please verify the accuracy of any information or advice you find when using this site and check the privacy policy of any site you visit.  Do not hesitate to CONTACT US. We welcome your comments and are grateful for your bringing any needed corrections to our attention. Up arrow to top of page

Updated on 03/04/2006


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We hope you have found this Public Service Web Site to be helpful. Please verify the accuracy of any information or advice you find when using this site. Do not hesitate to
CONTACT US. We welcome your comments and are grateful for your bringing any needed corrections to our attention. 
This site was first published in April, 2001.

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