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Delta Sigma Theta Life Development Senior Center

2528 West Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90016
Telephone: (323) 735-5799
FAX: (323) 735-6306

Serving Zip Codes 90006 (shared), 90016 (shared), 90018 (shared), 90019 (shared), 90088

The Center serves men and women of various abilities, ages 60 and older, regardless of race, creed, color, religion or income level.

The Center is funded by:

Delta Sigma Theta Life Development, Inc.
City of Los Angeles Department of Aging
County of Los Angeles Department of Aging
Los Angeles Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association
UCSF Active Aging.

Volunteer opportunities are available.

Activities and Education

The Center offers Adult Education Class in partnership with the Crenshaw-Dorsey Community Adult School, LAUSD/DACE.

Basic Sewing
Line Dancing
Trips and tours

Many other stimulating classes are available and the Center also sponsors special events.

Nutrition Services

Nutrition Sites 

The Delta Sigma Theta Seniors catered meals program wants you to have lunch at one of the nutrition sites. These lunches are served daily, Monday through Friday, and offer mature adults well-balanced, hot meals and socialization. Transportation services to and from the sites are available along with home delivered meals when needed. Enjoy the experience!

bulletBetty Hill Senior Center
3570 S. Denker Avenue
Los Angeles 90018
(323) 733-1946
bulletDelta Senior Center
2528 West Boulevard
Los Angeles 90016
(323) 735-5799
bulletGeorge & Helen Thomas Senior Center
2475 West Washington Boulevard
Los Angeles 90018
(323) 734-9091
bulletIndependent Square
2455 South St. Andrews Place
Los Angeles 90018
(323) 731-0119
bulletJessie Terry Manor
3100 South Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles 90007
(323) 734-2644
bulletSeinan Japanese Senior Center
3116 West Jefferson Boulevard
Los Angeles 90016
(323) 734-2175
bulletVineyard Senior Center
2942 Vineyard Avenue
Los Angeles 90016
(323) 732-2469
bulletWard Villas
1177 West Adams Boulevard
Los Angeles 90007
(213) 747-5075

Catering Services are available for senior events.

Health Services

The Center offers:

Consultation with R.N.
Health/mental health education
Physical assessments
Physical therapy
Respite services

Care Coordination

Through the case management program, the Center coordinates seniors' care by assessing their needs and arranging appropriate services for them:

In-home assessments
Service arrangements
Supportive counseling
Telephone reassurance

Help for Caregivers

Help for caregivers of memory impaired adults is available.
Contact Delores Storey, Care Advocate at: 
(323) 735-5799 - ext 21.

Delta Sigma Theta Life Development Senior Center and the Los Angeles Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association is collaborating with community churches, agencies, local caregivers and public officials. This network will build on existing services to create a care system that assures that African American families learn about and connect with appropriate diagnostic, legal support, respite and residential care services. Limited funds are available for those who qualify for this program.

The Care Advocate will evaluate by personal contact and in-home visits. Presentations to groups, churches and organizations are available upon request.

The Caregivers Support Group helps those who care for dependent loved ones handle their conflicting emotions 
and the demands on their time. 
For more information, go to our For Caregivers Web page.

Resource Guide

The Center acts as a resource for many seniors, helping them gain access to information and assistance. 

Paralegal consultations are available.


Transportation services include:

Lunch at the centers/sites
Medical appointments


The Home Secure Project provides:

Dead bolts
Smoke detectors
Peep holes
Grab bars
Motion detectors
Night lights
Shower treads 

The Center is a Lifeline

The Delta Sigma Theta Senior Multi-Purpose Center is a lifeline for seniors. Telephone reassurance is available for isolated homebound seniors.

The Delta Senior Center is a member of the L.A. Metro Multidisciplinary Team for Consultation on Elders at Risk. 


Inside This Page

Delta Senior Center is a:
Center of activity and
Nutrition provider
Health monitor
Care coordinator
Support for caregivers
Transportation provider
Resource guide

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