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Home >> Specialized Senior Services >> DPSS Adult Services

DPSS Adult Services
In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)
Personal Care Services Program (PCSP)
MDT Member

The toll-free centralized application number is:
1(888) 944-4477; FAX: (213) 743-4865.

In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) is the largest publicly-funded non-medical service to help functionally impaired persons of all ages, with limited resources, stay at home. The IHSS program has, in effect, been split into two separate components:

bulletResidual IHSS and
bulletPersonal Care Services Program (PCSP).

The most significant differences between the two are the funding sources.

In-Home Supportive Services - IHSS

The Residual IHSS Program provides assistance to those eligible aged, blind or disabled individuals who are unable to remain safely in their own homes without this assistance. Services include:

Domestic services
Heavy cleaning
Meal preparation
Meal cleanup
Menu planning
Laundry services
Reasonable shopping/errands.

IHSS is an alternative to out-of-home care. Eligibility and services may be limited by the availability of funds. When an individual becomes eligible for PCSP, most of the IHSS Residual services listed above are also paid by PCSP funds.

Personal Care Services Program - PCSP

The PCSP provides personal care services as an optional Medi-Cal benefit. Services include:

Bowel and bladder care
Respiration assistance
Consumption of food
Routine bed baths
Oral hygiene and grooming
Rubbing of skin to promote circulation
Moving into and out of bed
Care of and assistance with prosthetic devices
Assistance with self-administered medication
Routine menstrual care
Assistance with ambulation.

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for IHSS a person must be a California resident who is living in his/her own home and who meets one of the following conditions:


Currently receives Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Program (SSI/SSP) benefits.


Meets all SSI/SSP eligibility criteria including income, but does not receive SSI/SSP benefits.


Meets all SSI/SSP eligibility criteria except for income in excess of SSI/SSP eligibility standards.


Was once eligible for SSI/SSP benefits, but became ineligible because of substantial gainful work activity, and meets all other required eligibility criteria.


To be eligible for PCSP, a person must be receiving SSI, AFDC, or Medi-Cal under the Pickle or other categorically needy program.


The provider is not the spouse of the recipient or a parent of a minor child recipient.


Needs one or more personal care services.


Has an impairment expected to last one year or longer.

bulletIHSS advance payment is not being received.

Other aged, blind or disabled (of all ages) who meet the low resources (assets) requirements of SSI, $2,000 for individuals; $3,000 for a couple, but are not eligible for SSI because their income is too high, still may be eligible for IHSS. In that case they will have to pay a share of cost. The share of cost is the difference between their SSI grant level and their countable income as defined by SSI rules.

An individual who qualifies for IHSS with a share of cost also qualified for Medi-Cal with no additional share of cost.

Disabled individuals who work also may be eligible for IHSS if they 

bullet1) received SSI in the past; 
bullet2) still have the impairments on which their SSI was based; 
bullet3) are ineligible for SSI because they are working; and 
bullet4) need IHSS for personal care services. 

They will have a share of the cost but it is calculated in a way which provides an incentive to keep working.

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How to Apply

To apply for IHSS, anyone may contact their county welfare or social services department, at the Adult Services Section. If you cannot go to the office to apply, the department must send a social worker to your home. You have the right to file a written application and receive a written determination in 30 days. More information is available about:

Uniform Assessment
How much and what kind of help is available
Maximum hour allowances
Unmet needs
Who provides services?
Parent and spouse providers
Other services
Choice of meal allowance.

The toll-free centralized application number is:
1(888) 944-4477; FAX: (213) 743-4865.


You may appeal any denial or reduction in benefits, including a refusal to allow the full number of hours you feel you need. You also have a right to appeal a "share of cost" determination. If you request a fair hearing within ten days of the notice to reduce or terminate your benefits, benefits will continue at the same level until the hearing decision is made.

For help with appeals, contact legal services, Independent Living Centers, Protection and Advocacy, Inc. for developmentally disabled persons at 1(800) 952-5746 or other advocacy group for seniors and/or persons with disabilities. Send fair hearing requests to the hearing office in your county.


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