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Get Involved!

Picture of Helping Hands

If you know or suspect
That a senior is being
Abused or 
Severely neglected...
YOU may be his or her
Only lifeline.

Bullet Report Elder Abuse

Criminal elder abuse and neglect goes largely unreported. Experts estimate that at least 4% of all elders age 65 and over in this country are abused. Less than one in 5 cases is brought to the attention of authorities. 

Abused seniors and dependent adults are silent victims. They usually are unable to report the abuse. Unlike abused children who may be discovered through the school system, abused seniors can remain isolated for extended periods of time. If you know or suspect that a senior is being abused or severely neglected ... YOU may be his or her only lifeline.

How to report Elder Abuse & Neglect:

Reporting abuse or neglect of an elder or dependent adult in Los Angeles County can be confusing since several agencies have jurisdiction:

Outside of a nursing home or residential care facility:
Report to Adult Protective Services and/or to local police.
In a Nursing Home:
Report to the Ombudsman and/or to local police.
The licensing agency is the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, Health Facilities Division who also investigates. The fact that a violation or citation was issued becomes part of the public record of the facility. Commandez en ligne au Canada et France. You can check this record on the Internet.
In a Residential Care facility:
Report to the Ombudsman and/or to local police.
The licensing agency is the Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing who also investigates. The fact that a violation or citation was issued becomes part of the public record of the facility.
For more detailed information on filing a police report, please go to our Crime page.

If you believe that additional assistance is needed to resolve the problem, go to our L.A. Metro MDT page and see if your case meets the criteria of the Multi-Disciplinary Team for Consultation on Elders at Risk.

Bullet Assist a Senior or Dependent Adult in Need

General guidelines for first responders:

Medical Emergency,
Patient/Client cannot
be left unattended
CALL 911
For Paramedics-EMS
Fire Dpt. or Police
Suspected Physical or
Fiduciary Abuse,
Caregiver Neglect or
Dangerous Self-neglect
Adult Protective Services
and/or CALL Police
Chronic Life-style
Needs assistance with
Living, Acute Poverty
Isolation, Hoarder, etc...
Multipurpose Senior Center
For Social Services

Agency follow-up:

Abuse Report Chart4Web.jpg (147366 bytes)
Click on the thumbnail picture above to see a more detailed full-size chart of first responder response and agency follow-up. Use your Web browser's back button to return to this page.

This flowchart was prepared in the Spring of 2000 by the Hollywood Senior Action Committee and the Hollywood Multi-Disciplinary Team for Consultation on Elders at Risk. The chart was updated in May 2001 to reflect the larger L.A. Metro area.

Bullet Volunteers are Needed

Almost all public and private organizations providing services to vulnerable elderly in our community rely on volunteers to provide the level of service needed by seniors. Volunteers are needed and welcome!

A great variety of skills are needed, training is available and many levels of commitment are available. For a detailed list and description of volunteer opportunities, please go to our Volunteers page.

Bullet Adopt a Nursing Home or Residential Care Facility

It is estimated that more than 60% of people in nursing homes get no visitors. The positive involvement of family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, clergy, fellow members of a congregation and volunteers in the recovery or care of a patient cannot be underestimated.

The community can get involved in many ways:


Friendly visitors

Such as Friends of the Elderly, Project Caring. 
(310) 859-9336
For years this program has provided one on one visits by a trained volunteer who adopts a senior. 


Faith in Action provides regular, scheduled volunteer visits for the purpose of general health status assessment, socialization, assistance with letter writing, reading, and providing reassurance to isolated elderly or disabled persons.


The Hollywood Visiting Chaplaincy Program (HVCP) provides visits participating nursing home residents regularly to provide pastoral comfort and support to bedfast patients.


Letter writing
A team of students or a group of volunteers goes to the nursing home and writes letters for seniors


Animal & pets visits
Such as Love on a Leash, the Los Angeles Zoo, the SPCA L.A. Assisted Animal Therapy. Volunteers and their animals visit seniors.


Entertainment, music, theater


Adopt a grandparent, cards for the holidays, visits & activities

bulletLet your local nursing homes and residential care facilities know that you welcome seniors at your community events.

Bullet Political Forum & Advocacy

bulletCongress of California Seniors
California Foundation for Independent Living Centers

Freedom Clearinghouse

bulletElected Representatives
bulletCalifornia Senate
Senior Fact Sheets
Aging & Long Term Care Subcommittee  
Chair: Senator John Vasconcellos
bulletCalifornia Assembly
Aging & Long Term Care Committee Chair
Assemblymember Rebecca Cohn
bulletFind your elected representative
bulletCity of Los Angeles
E-mail your Councilmember
E-mail your Mayor
bulletCounty of Los Angeles
E-mail your Supervisor
bulletCalifornia Assembly
bulletCalifornia Senate
bulletU.S. Congress
bulletU.S. Senate  

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