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Life Services
Private Conservatorships

1025 North Brand Boulevard, Suite 320
Glendale, CA 91202
Tel: (818) 547-0585; Fax: (818) 547-1093
E-mail: LifeServicesInc@cs.com

Life Services Inc. is a non-profit public benefit corporation established in 1978 and committed to meeting the needs of the elderly in a manner that maintains the unique worth and dignity of each person.

Life Services provides personal and financial management for seniors and their families:

bulletWhere an individual has no family and is not able to completely manage their own affairs;
bulletWhere an individual has family and wishes not to burden them regarding assistance;
bulletWhere relatives/friends are busy with their own lives and need assistance for the care of their loved ones. Up arrow to top of page

bullet Personalized Care Program

Trained and experienced professionals who specialize in caring for older persons address the personal, physical, spiritual and financial needs of clients, maintaining their quality of life in the most supportive environment possible. A professional team member visits each person weekly or more often when necessary.

Personalized care may be arranged through several different forms, power of attorney, trust, contract and/or conservatorship. These services are designed to meet individual needs of the person and family. The individual chooses the services that are needed.

Services can be provided in the home, assisted living, acute care facility, nursing facility, or any other setting. Up arrow to top of page

bullet Services Provided


Life Care Planning
Helping individuals and families prepare for the challenges of aging.


Personalized Care
Developing individualized services to provide supportive care to seniors.


Professional Conservatorship
A legal "Gardian" for seniors who are unable to care for themselves or are victims of elder abuse.


Trust Management
Providing the financial security of a court supervised trustee.


Estate Administration
Serving as executor to manage and distribute estate assets to beneficiaries as directed in a will.


Alternative Living Arrangements
Such as reverse mortgages, nursing facility, in-home care, assisted living, board and care. Life Services is a licensed real estate broker by the California Department of Real Estate.

To other appropriate resources as necessary. Up arrow to top of page

bullet Statement of Values

Provide a complete continuum of care for the elderly in any setting.

Empower each person to participate in his or her on-going life plan.

Basic Needs
Provide services in the least restrictive way and in the most supportive environment possible.

Assure sound financial management and accountability of each person's assets.

Quality of Life
Maximize the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of older adults.

Life Services Inc. benevolence funds will provide continuing supportive care for clients if their assets are depleted. Up arrow to top of page


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bullet Personalized care
Services provided
Statement of values

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