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St. Barnabas Senior Services
Independence and Dignity for Seniors

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675 S. Carondelet Street
Los Angeles, CA 90057
Telephone: (213) 388-4444
Fax: (213) 738-9467
Email: mspinks@saintb-la.org 

Serving Zip Codes 90004 (shared), 90005, 90006 (shared), 90010 (shared), 90012 (shared), 90013 (shared), 90014, 90015, 90017, 90020 (shared), 90026 (shared), 90039 (shared), 90057, 90071

The mission of St. Barnabas Senior Services is to enable seniors to live independently and with dignity for as long as possible. Founded in 1908, St. Barnabas is a nonprofit, nonsectarian professional social service agency providing emergency and supportive assistance to the urban elderly. The agency serves the 15 square mile area that encompasses downtown Los Angeles and is home to the heaviest concentration of poor, elderly residents in the county.

Now in its ninth decade, St. Barnabas has an established reputation for the quality of its working relationship with other agencies. it is supported by government contracts, other contracts, private donations and client fees.

Case Management and Assistance to Remain Independent

To help prevent premature institutionalization, case managers develop individually tailored plans for each client including counseling and assistance in maximizing their income, obtaining medical/dental care, housing and in-home services.

Money Management

If a client is unable to manage his/her household finances and no family member or friend is qualified to assist, the case manager will enroll the client in the Money Management Program to ensure that all entitled benefits are received and all bills paid on time. 

Nutrition Programs

California Dining Centers Location:

Since proper nutrition often means the difference between independent living or institutionalization, St. Barnabas provides hot meals to seniors, Monday through Friday, in California Dining Centers (congregate meal sites) located throughout the central city. Seniors, 60 and older and their spouses regardless of age, are eligible to participate. Suggested donation is $1.50, except at Gourmet Carousel ($2.00) and Wilshire Buffeteria ($2.50). The Monday through Friday food service is funded by the Department of Aging of the City of Los Angeles.

bulletSt. Barnabas Senior Services
675 South Carondelet Street
Serving time: 11:15 a.m.
(213) 388-4444
bulletAngelus Plaza
255 S. Hill Street
Serving time: Noon
(213) 623-4352 ext 340
bulletCrescent Arms
1709 W. 8th Street
Serving time: 3: p.m.
bulletWilshire Buffeteria
3530 Wilshire Boulevard
This site serves traditional Korean food.
(Temporarily closed. A new location will be announced shortly)
bulletGourmet Carousel
911 N. Broadway
This site serves traditional Chinese food in Chinatown.
Serving time: 11:30 a.m.

For the homebound elderly, an equally important meals-on-wheels program delivers hot meals to seniors unable to leave their homes because of physical or mental impairment.

Meals-On-Wheels are served on Saturdays at 11:45 at the St. Barnabas Dining Hall by St. Vincent's.

Grocery Shopping and Delivery

For those seniors who are no longer able to get out to do their own shopping, the Grocery Shopping and Delivery Service is a crucial line in preserving independent living. Clients place their orders by phone with a St. Barnabas grocery shopper who purchases the groceries and delivers them. This service for frail or impaired clients is an important complement to meals-on-wheels.

Transportation and Escort Service

This service provides seniors with mobility and independence they would not otherwise have. For frail or impaired clients, the Escort Service is available. It picks up clients at home, guides them through appointments and then returns them to the safety of home.

In-home Assistance

Heavy household chore (once a year), house cleaning, personal care and meal preparation assistance are provided free for seniors who are no longer able to care for themselves or their homes.

Alzheimer's Day Care Resource Center

The Alzheimer's Day Care Center is open six days per week and is licensed to provide supervised day care. A trained professional staff oversees all activities and works with caregivers to assure that clients receive attention appropriate to their needs.

Program licenses: The St. Barnabas Day Care Resource Center is a City of Los Angeles Department of Aging Adult Day Care Resource Center and a California Department of Social Services Adult Day Care Facility.

St. Barnabas was recently named an associate of The Geriatric Social Work Education Consortium (GSWEC), due to the credentials of Herb Shon, MSW, Ph.D., the Director of our existing Alzheimer's Day Care Resource Center and our planned Adult Day Health Care Center.  GSWEC is the nation's first major regional consortium offering an integrated field and academic graduate social work education experience for students interested in the field of aging. GSWEC aims to advance preparation of geriatric social workers in order to strengthen the quality of care available to older populations.

St. Barnabas and the supervisor/activities coordinator of our ADCRC/ADHC, Miguel Velasquez, received a major honor last month.  Miguel received the First Annual Jim Segel Award for Passion and Commitment to Day Services from the Alzheimer's Association and the Edelman Adult Day Services Institute. Miguel was the unanimous selection from a large field of nominees from agencies throughout Los Angeles.

Program goals:

  1. To provide caregivers time off from the emotionally and physically challenging responsibility of caring for victims of Alzheimer's disease and other dementing illnesses.
  2. To provide clients with the opportunity to socialize and to exercise their limited faculties to the fullest extent possible.
  3. To offer clients and their caregivers supportive services from professionals and peers in a caring and understanding environment.

Program hours: 
Monday through Friday - 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Saturday - 8 a/m/ to 4 p.m.

Program cost:
$6.50 an hour (based on a mandated four hours of care per day minimum). A sliding scale is also available.

Daily activities include place orientation experiences, physical and mental exercises, neighborhood walks, and music and crafts. Field trips are also scheduled on a regular basis. A trained staff oversees all activities and works with caregivers to assure that loved ones receive care appropriate to their condition and needs. They also see that necessary medications are dispensed in the correct dosages and in a timely manner.

Hot meals and nutritious snacks are served daily at no additional cost. Special diets are available. A registered dietitian plans all meals.

Incontinent/Personal Care: The Day Care Resource Center accommodates those who are incontinent, as well as those who require assistance with personal hygiene. Caregivers, however, must provide necessary incontinent supplies and adequate changes of clothing.

Emergencies: 911 is called in all medical emergencies that cannot be handled by staff.

Transportation: Free transportation is provided for all clients who live within five miles of St. Barnabas Center. Transportation beyond that distance costs 32.5 cents a mile.

Language proficiency: Day Care staff are fluent in English, Spanish and Korean. Other language proficiencies will be added as needed.

Library: The Day Care Resource Library provides information on caring for the needs of the elderly and on other resources available within the community.

Support groups: Weekly and biweekly support groups are available to help families cope with the emotional stress encountered as a result of the physical and mental changes their loved ones are experiencing.

Eligibility: enrollment is open to all who suffer from a mentally or physically disabling condition, but they may not be violent and/or suffer from a communicable disease.

Referral: Participants may be self referred, or be referred by a hospital, physician, other health professional, friend, relative, social worker, the clergy or by any other interested and caring individuals or groups within the community.

For application information: 
Please call the Project Director, Dr. Herb Shon, at
(213) 388-4444, extension 201
Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Center

This Center is jointly operated by the University of Southern California's School of Medicine and St. Barnabas Senior Services. A psychiatrist, psychologists, registered nurse and social workers provide diagnosis, treatment and supportive services to Alzheimer's disease victims and their families. The center also conducts on-going research.

For more Information...

A simple listing of the services provided by St. Barnabas does not do its experienced and creative staff justice. It is fair to say they will do "whatever it takes" to ensure that a senior enjoys his/her life in the least restrictive environment possible.

More than 100 volunteer volunteers assist in providing services. Volunteers are needed and welcome!

For more information, please call (213) 388-4444.

St. Barnabas Senior Services is a member of the L.A. Metro Multidisciplinary Team for Consultation on Elders at Risk


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